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With Insta Travel Lightroom Presets you will get professional-looking travel photos in one click!

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✓ Quick Installation!
✓ 1-Click Edits!

Insta Travel is a pack of 10 Lightroom Presets that will add a soft and stylish look to your travel photos. Use them when you want to enhance bright tones to get a travel blogger vibe on your images.

What is Included?

  • 10 Insta Travel Presets for mobile Lightroom apps (.DNG format);
  • 10 Insta Travel Presets for desktop Lightroom apps & Photoshop ACR (.XMP & .LRTEMPLATE format);
  • Step-by-step how-to-install guide.

Before/After Examples:

Lightroom Presets - Insta Travel - Before-After (1)

Lightroom Presets - Insta Travel - Before-After (2)

Lightroom Presets - Insta Travel - Before-After (3)

Lightroom Presets - Insta Travel - Before-After (4)

Lightroom Presets - Insta Travel - Before-After (5)


  • Compatible with ALL Lightroom versions for Mobile & Desktop;
  • Compatible with Mobile Lightroom App;
  • For Android, iOS, Windows & Mac;
  • JPEG and RAW files support;
  • Compatible with Adobe Camera RAW on Photoshop.

Lifetime Access:

  • Pay only once and use presets for unlimited time on ALL your devices!

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Why You Will Love TravelPhotoCam’s Presets?

1. Your Social Feed Will be Consistent

What’s the secret of most successful travel bloggers and Instagrammers? Their social feeds look AMAZING. And this aesthetic is the result of consistency. With our presets, you will find your style and your feed will be uniform and look more professional.

2. Focus on Creation

Are you enjoying taking photos or editing more? If you are like most of us, the answer is the first. So, spend more time and energy taking photos. And make postprocessing easier. With our presets, you will have a smile on your face when you import your photos to Lightroom.

3. For All Types of Photos

No matter if you use a smartphone or professional camera or take photos in JPEG or RAW formats. You can use our Lightroom presets for all types of photos regardless of the camera that captured them.

4. One Click Edits & Easy Adjustments

We made these presets with 1-click edits in mind. But we are aware that our presets aren’t a one-stop-shop solution for everyone. So, some of you will adjust the editing to your personal taste. We encourage you to play with sliders. Adjust at least brightness, contrast, shadow, and highlights. Make your photos look perfect.

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Customer Reviews

5 reviews for Insta Travel

  1. Diane

    I love these presets. They enhance my Instagram profile

  2. Julie

    I was very surprised how this preset look like. I got images edited with a taste of ‘travel bloggers editing’ so I highly recommend for anyone look for a way to easily get a look of travel bloggers

  3. Jack

    Love this pack as I love traveling and posting photos on social media. Keen to explore other presets in TravelPhotoCam store.

  4. Mary H.

    These presets are fantastic

  5. Nora L.

    finally i have the great presets! insta travel rocks !!! thanksss 🥰

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Karol A.

Can you imagine having more than 10000 photos from vacation that wait for you to edit them? If I wouldn’t use Travel photo cam presets I’d never finish editing those photos. Thank you Travel photo cam!

Ray P.

They are great to use for any photo, not just for travel photos

Luke M.

Love these presets... so easy to use... get beautiful photos after using them... great job :-)

Paolo J.

I’m so impressed with how amazing my pictures look now. I got finally great vibrant colors. I’m definitely going to buy more presets from you guys!

Ann G.

I 'm a travel blogger and I struggle with my Instagram profile because I was too lazy to make consistent look. I was decided to try TravelPhotoCam's Lightroom presets and I was simply amazed! I first purchased Outdoor Adventure, then I purchased Golden Hour, and after that I finally decided to purchase the bundle and now I have all I need to edit my photos in a way that my Instagram profile look consistent.

Laura P.

Quick and powerful, that's all I can say. Love them

Sonya N.

My husband who is a graphic designer said that I’m not creative, but when he saw the pictures I edited with these presets he asked me to let him know the secret. :) :) :) Yes, I definitely become creative when I edit photos using presets. It’s so easy to make beautiful edits.

Nichole R.

Perfect presets for nature & landscape photos. I got fantastic results when I just applied them. I tried all 10 presets in a pack and then just click to apply preset I like the most I got excellent edit.

Julian S.

I'm not so experienced in photo editing and I just wanted to try how final edits will look like. What to say except WOW!!! This is fabuloouuus!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are the quickest way to edit your photos. It works like a filter, meaning you will apply the Preset on your photo in one click to get an edited image. It’s the same process as you add filters to photos you upload on Instagram. But Lightroom enables you to tweak and adjust photos in a more professional way.

Why should I use Lightroom Presets?

There are many reasons for it, but the 3 main reasons are:

  1. To edit your photos faster;
  2. To transform your photos in one click;
  3. To get a consistent look at your photos.
Do I need to be a PRO photographer to use Lightroom Presets?

No, you don’t need. Actually, Lightroom Presets are for everyone regardless of previous experience. But, if you have some experience in Lightroom you can tweak adjustments based on your taste. But you will get nice edits even in one click.

Can I use Presets on Lightroom mobile app?

Yes! Our Presets are fully compatible with Lightroom mobile app.

Can I use Presets for both JPEG and RAW photos?

Yes! You can use our Lightroom Presets for all your JPEG and RAW photos.

How to download Lightroom Presets?

It’s a simple process. When you finish checkout you will get the download link on the next screen. Also, you will get an email with a download link. The Presets are in a zip file. Once you unzip the file you will be able to install them.

How to install Lightroom Presets?

Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy. In a zip file, you will get after purchase you will get also a PDF guide. In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install presets (on both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom).

How to use Lightroom Presets?

It’s also pretty easy like you add Instagram filters to your photos. Once you import photos to Lightroom you will apply preset in a 1-click. For most of you, it will be enough. But, if you are more experienced in photo editing you can also adjust things like exposure, contrast, shadow, highlights, and all other stuff.

Do I need to take photos with an expensive camera?

No! You can take photos with your smartphone camera. Or with any other camera. Actually, a lot of people use Lightroom Presets for photos taken with a smartphone. No matter which camera you use our Presets will enhance the look of your photos.

Can I share the Presets with my friends?

No! When you buy Presets you get a single license, so you are the only user allowed to use them. If your friends like them, they also need to buy them. Put yourself in our shoes. If we would allow resharing of our Presets, we will go into bankruptcy because no one will buy them.

Do you accept refunds?

We want to be honest with you. Lightroom Presets are a digital product. It means that once someone downloads it can keep it forever. It means also that if someone asks us for a refund we couldn’t say “please send us your presets and we will refund it". So, if we would give someone a refund there is no guarantee that someone will also delete our Presets. In other words, we want to make sure that we are not victims of fraud and “fake" refund requests.

However, we’d like to start from the point that YOU won’t be going to scam us if you ask for a refund. And we consider each request separately.

Few examples that we are happy to provide you with a refund:

If you accidentally duplicate an order and pay twice, don’t worry we will grant a refund);
If you are not able to install Presets to the Lightroom app, we will first try to help you with installation. But if there is a bug in your app and there is no way to install it, don’t worry we will grant a refund).

But, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, we are more than glad to give you help and see what we can do to make our Presets work for you. So, you can contact us whenever you want with any questions about anything related to our Presets.

We are taking care of our customers and we are happy to help!

What if I change my phone (or computer)? Do I need to buy Presets again?

No! You need to download them again. However, we recommend you back up your Lightroom Presets as any other file or photo to be able to access them without the need to re-download them If you experience any issues in downloading, please contact us and we will send you presets you bought earlier.

How will I recognize this purchase on my bank statement?

Easily! Considering we sell our products through Payhip or Gumroad, you will see their name on your bank statement.

For Payhip purchases first six letters PAYHIP and the remaining nine are LRPRESETS.

For Gumroad purchases first six letters GUM.CO and the remaining eight are either our name or username or the product's name.

So, you do not need to worry about that.

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